The Beauty of Yilan

Yilan offers great memories to the leisure visitors …

If you have more time to explore in Taiwan, must recommend come to Yilan, you won’t be regret. Yilan is such a beautiful city located in the North Eastern part of Taiwan.
The county is surrounded by captivating scenery of magnificent sea- Pacific Ocean, and adventurous mountainous terrains. (see more photos here )
Travellers also can enjoy activities such as surfing, landing, paragliding, hiking etc. I will introduce more about outdoor activities in Yilan, I like paragliding so much! That was so exciting. Let’s enjoy these marvellous Mother Nature’s endowments and crazy outdoor sports!

Look at the lake! The lake reflects the scenery of the lakeshore.

There are many neighbouring cities such as Luodong, Toucheng, and Jioxi that are accessible through the modern transport network provides a varied leisure destinations options to the tourist. The city has an efficient transport network through the availability of local train network and reliable road network. You also can take the bus, it provides you with beautiful sceneries during travel across the city. The bus rides are affordable with the ride time across the city being estimated at about 1 hour. Movement by road gives you an extreme eye-catching moment around the city in comfortable Taiwan tourist shuttles. It’s convenience for travellers and backpackers.

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