Paragliding in Waiao Beach

Flew in the sky and had a bird ‘ s eye view of Yilan…

Paragliding is one of popular recreational, enjoyable and captivating outdoor sport in Yilan. The outdoor sport is predominant in Yilan due to the favourable mountainous terrain that promotes the popularity of the sport.

There is a hill near Waiao Beach. On the top of the hill, I enjoyed the deep breath-taking sightseeing of the green hills and distant mountains that were covered by feathery fogs depend on the sunrise or clouds.
From the hill, I looked down on the peaceful town landscape. There were many people surfing in the offing. (I will introduce about surfing in Waiao soon.)
And also viewed the distant island, it called Guishan Island, and magnificent spectacle of Pacific Ocean spread itself out before the eyes of travellers.

To get a longer flight time, the paraglider should takeoff on a mountain top of about 400 meters and above to realize a flight time of 5 minutes to 10 minutes. The flight time is also dependent on the availability of wind on the adventure day. The raising air propels the paraglider high-up to ensure a long time while afloat in the air.

Air moved into the canopy, it inflated the canopy to form an aerodynamic shape. We moved to the top of the mountain to attain a desirable height on a gentle slope while facing the wind direction. The pilot was then attached to the paragliding equipment through a specialized harnessing tool.

We slowly moved into the wind to make the canopy swell out. The pilot and I took a few steps forward and jumped into the wind and floats gently in the air.

Flying in the air by the paragliding, the feeling just like being a bird, I viewed the whole of view near Waiao beach. It was so crazy! “I am a queen of the whole world” I shouted LOUDLY.

It was a really exciting outdoor activity, I made a video to share the view that I saw during the flying time.

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