Tokyo Tower 東京タワー

The Wonder Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower is a well-known tower in Japan that is famous for observation, broadcasting, and sightseeing. It was designed following the Eiffel Tower found in France and immediately considered as the tallest outstanding tower globally. Structurally the tower is painted orange and white colors to be in line with safety air regulations.

There are various functions of the Tokyo tower giving us the main aim of its construction and the reasons as to why it was built. Tokyo Tower was built to control broadcasting signals for FM radio reception, give traffic information in the city, control television signals and to weather statistics and data in air pollution in the area. Tokyo Tower is also used as a sightseeing feature, therefore, it promotes tourism in the city.

Tokyo Tower with colorful autumn trees

The Activities in Tokyo Tower

Looking for adventurous sightseeing buildings instead of going to hikes and getting tired climbing the mountains and engaging yourself in strenuous activities? Well, save yourself and have a good time even for a night in Tokyo Tower. Have some good money and go treat yourself in the tallest tower in the world in Japan and you will not regret spending your money on such a leisure activity. This is because Tokyo Tower has several artistic and tourist attraction features that will make your night to be eventful. There is a 4 story building known as the FootTown located at the base of the tower which has an amusement park that has short distances rides and also hosts live performances that largely involves children. There is a gallery of the aquarium where you will be able to see different types of fishes, how and what they feed on and how they relate to each other in their habitat.
Also, there is a Guinness World Records Museum that stores memories of photos with interesting records from the Guinness Book. A wax museum is also found in Tokyo Tower which layout wax figures which range from the pop icon culture, historical figures, and religious figures too. These wax are imported from London.

The Daytime of Tokyo

On the fourth floor, there is a Trick Art Gallery that shows objects, paintings, and drawings that you can interact with. Along with all these, you will be able to see the two main observatories that are the main sightseeing feature in the Tower; the special observatory which has a height of 249.6 meters and the main observatory which is 150 meters in height.

The NIGHT VIEWS of Tokyo Tower

I found the elevators in the Tokyo Tower to be fascinating since then elevators used to depart the FootTown are the same that can still be used to get to the Main observatory that is in the fourth floor. To get another ticket, you can take another elevator from the second floor to get to the special observatory. The night view is creamy topped when the sun sets you can be able to see a glamorous view of the lights in the city.

The Night of Tokyo Tower
The Night of Tokyo Tower

The two types of light also shine beautifully at night; Landmark Light lit up to 180 bulbs with a winter and summer version while Diamond Veil lit on Saturdays for two hours. I bet you now know on what day you can view Diamond Veil if it’s your favorite light in the tower.
Tokyo Tower carries up to three million persons annually who are attracted and fascinated by it. Often, it is used as a popular culture to locate scenes for the many visitors who tour in the tower. You have heard for yourself and since seeing is better than believing, in your next planned vacation, spend a night in Tokyo Tower and you will not regret using your money there! Because I didn’t regret yet.

It’s a video that I visited the Tokyo Tower in 2015, the magnificent scenery of Tokyo was still in my mind!

More Info

Tokyo Tower  
4 Chome-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato, Tokyo 105-0011日本

Main Deck (150m) 9:00-23:00 (Last admission 22:30)
Top Deck Tour (150m&250m) 9:00-22:45 (Last Tour 22:00-22:15)

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