Two Best Night Views in HK- The Peak

Hong Kong is a frenzy of activity, the business centre for the world, the fashion expert, the connoisseur of cuisine and the enthusiasm for art. A fascinating combination of east and west and the mix of cultures can be found in the city. Venture to the outskirts of the city and discover lush forests and mountains covered with lush vegetation. A visitor will find the city of contrasts, where an ancient Taoist temple will rub shoulders with a bright skyscraper. The nightlife is also explosive and as subtle as you want. Here are two of the best places to see night views of Hong Kong. First one is Victoria Peak, also called ” The Peak”.

Photo by Florian Wehde on Unsplash

The History of Victoria Peak ( The Peak)

Victoria Peak is the city hill of Hong Kong, located on Hong Kong Island. The view of the city with its countless skyscrapers is famous. The peak offers sweeping views across Kowloon and much of Hong Kong Island. The Victoria Tower at 379 meters, also known as The Peak Tower, can be reached with the Peak Tram, a Swiss funicular railway opened in 1888.

When malaria was rampant in Hong Kong in the 19th century , the Victoria Peak was the preferred residential area of ​​the colonial rulers. Today, the land prices at the peak reach astronomical values; the further you get to the top, the higher you get, so that the richest inhabitants of Hong Kong have settled there.

On Top of Victoria Peak

On the 552 meters high Victoria Peak it is a bit cooler than below. The first destination to be visited is clearly the Sky Terrace of the Peak Tower, from where you have the best views.
Since 1888, a Swiss funicular, the so-called Peak Tram, leads to the summit of Victoria Peak. It used to be steam-powered and has been running all-electric since 1926. In 1989, the Peak Tram was automated and the transport volume increased from 32 to 120 people. The trip over the 1.365m long route takes 7 minutes and leads over 2 intermediate stations. The ascent can be done very comfortably.

Photo by Simon Zhu on Unsplash

And then, some escalators later and past several restaurants and shops, you finally arrived atop the Peak Tower, where you finally see this …

Night View from Peak Tower

At an altitude of 379 meters, a futuristic lookout tower, the so-called Peak Tower was built. From its roof, you have an absolutely spectacular view of much of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, glittering skyscrapers and the green hills of the New Territories. Especially in the evening an absolutely unforgettable sight, if then from 20 o’clock to the light show begins, in the course of which 18 buildings are illuminated with colorful spotlights.

Unfortunately, the mountain often lies in the fog, also during our first visit. The fog was so dense that you couldn’t see 30 meters. Not even the tower was visible. Instead of being sad about it, we were enthusiastic about this fairytale-like atmosphere and circumnavigated the mountain on the Lugard Loop. And lo and behold: At the backside, the fog still distorted. One could see on this circular path how even the mountain slopes are completely dominated by concrete. There are the estates of the rich and beautiful.

So, the next day we went to the peak again. But what a pity for our tour! Because there were too many people, we lined up 2 hours in order to take the cable car, we didn’t see the view of day and dusk of Hong Kong.
Even if we did not have that blue sky that day, the night view is overwhelming! But the whole thing can still be topped, namely at night … …

Photo by Lanie Lin

Under the skyline, we could see the whole skyscrapers was shined by its spotlight to show how the beauty of Hong Kong City. The magnificent scenery let me stop the breath, and I didn’t want to take my camera to shot, because I wanted to remember this moment. How amazing night view I have seen! After a while, just like woke me up from my Hong Kong dream, and I started to try my best to record the beauty of Hong Kong by my camera. And I found that no matter what kinds of camera that couldn’t replace human beings’ eyes, because I couldn’t present totally the beauty of night views that I saw. I couldn’t describe it in words, I just shared the photos to you. You must catch the night view in person.

Galleria and Restaurant

In the Peak Galleria, you can indulge your shopping pleasure at the most beautiful point of Hong Kong. Here is also the terminus of public buses and minibuses on the Victoria Peak. The very athletic can climb the Victoria Peak on foot, the path leads over the Old Peak Road, which begins near the Zoological Garden. Over the Lugard and the Harlech Road, the summit can be circumnavigated once and enjoy the spectacular views of Hong Kong in all directions. This is also the best opportunity to get to know the birds and butterflies of Victoria Peak.

There are several restaurants in the shopping centre and the Peak Lookout Restaurant, housed in a more traditional 1947 building, originally used by Peak Tram construction workers.
It is advisable to drive up the Victoria Peak in the late afternoon, where you can still see the skyline during the day and then have something to eat or go shopping before the night falls. Or visit the Madame Tussauds exhibition with over 100 wax figures. Then it’s time to get back to the Sky Terrace and take out cameras and tripods.

Moreover: Breathtaking Residential Area

In Chinese, the Victoria Peak is called “Tai Ping Shan”, which means “mountain of great peace”. During the 19th century malaria epidemic, Victoria Peak was a welcome retreat for Hong Kong’s colonial rulers. Away from the sick and up in the summer in relatively cool altitude with fantastic views. Their magnificent villas from the 19th century can still be seen today. Even today, only the richest of the rich of Hong Kong live here. The higher you climb the Victoria Peak, the more astronomical the land prices will be. One square meter costs up to unbelievable 15,000 US dollars.

Whether you want to spend a lot or a little time in Hong Kong, a visit to Victoria Peak is definitely a must!

Victoria Peak

Peak Tram Lower Terminus
33 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
7 am to 12 midnight (Mon – Sun & Public Holidays)

The Peak Tower Terminus
128 Peak Road, The Peak
The Peak Tower
10 am to 11 pm (Mon – Fri)
8 am to 11 pm (Sat, Sun & Public Holidays)

How to get there
  • Take bus 15C from Central Pier 8 or walk from MTR Central Station Exit J2 to take the Peak Tram from the Peak Tram Lower Terminus on Garden Road; or,
  • bus 15 from Exchange Square bus terminus (near MTR Hong Kong Station, Exit D); or,
  • minibus 1 from the public transport interchange at MTR Hong Kong Station, Exit E.

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