Hi everyone and welcome to my Asia Travel website. Here are blogs and Youtube channel- Asia Traveller to share our exploration in Asia.


My name is Lanie Lin, I’m from Taiwan, where is located near China, Japan, Korea, Philippine and southeast Asia. Because the distance between Taiwan and these Asia countries are close, I can travel there easily and quite often. I want to share our story about exploring these countries, culture and events experience, especially I will introduce my hometown more -Taiwan and Chinese culture. I will share through my blog, Youtube and Instagram, don’t forget to follow me.

Why i build asia travel website

Do you like to travel?
I like to travel everywhere! Traveling is wonderful, amazing, and exciting. But when I visited a new place first time, I still might feel a little bit scared and nervous because I didn’t know what the situation I might face, how to get the transportation, and of course, missing the direction, getting lost these kinds of situation must happen on me.

So, here I want to help people who want to travel to Asia, help you know and get more information before visiting Asia. I will give you some tips and share some useful websites, especially in Taiwan and China. Make your trip more amazing!
And if you want more travel schedules about visiting in Taiwan, feel free to contact me, I can give you more suggestion.
I hope everyone who travel in Asia or especially in my hometown – Taiwan, you will enjoy and love it.


My motto is ” Travel with Work, and Work with Travel”. It means that I want to jump out a daily comfort zone. My initial job was a financial consultant of the bank. Every year, I was busy with numbers of the financial market and my lives, that let me put the leisure time and dream behind my mind, I was trapped in the large stress. When I looked backwards, I didn’t know what I did before.

Now, in the new year 2019, I want to pick up back my dream and backpack to explore lovely hometown and Asia. And remind myself need to balance life and work, let the daily work like travel. My ultimate GOAL is to travel everywhere with work, and work everywhere through the internet and laptop, I will no limit in office space and daily office hours- 8 AM to 5 PM. So excited for the day of the dream coming true.

Hope everyone can find your passion in your work and life, and to continue.
I’m still learning and trying, so don’t be nervous and worry, I will company with you, feel free to contact me.


Thank Logojoy to help me design website logo. It’s custom and many types of logo, such as social media kit. (link)
A palm tree is one of the tropical plants, and why I choose a palm tree for my logo is about these meanings behind palm trees. First is that palm trees symbolize vacation and holiday and let me feel relaxing. And the other reason is it also symbolizes Asia. (It’s the result I searched, if there is any mistake, please let me know.) So I decided to use the logo with a palm tree.

If you want more information about my sharing, feel free to leave your comment by email or website reply space, I will respond to you soon.

All the best,